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The Power Progress Community non profit association is trying to fund a new notebook based on a NXP T208x processor. This organization is accepting donations with the objective of collecting funds to establish a contract with Acube Systems to design the laptop's motherboard. The campaign started last Friday reached a 10% of its goal in 24h.

The objective is not only to build a notebook but to promote the use of Power technologies for home computing as well. We want to create an open computer and certify it as Open Source Hardware if possible. We are commited to distribute all the work performed in the scope of the project as open source, publishing documentation, designs etc.

As a member of the project I want to say we  wanted to reach this point many months ago but we found some difficulties and we tried to find solutions for all of them. In this time we have created our non profit association (Power Progress Community), we started a preliminary task for selecting hardware components, we have identified people to maintain a Linux distribution, we contacted companies and organizations and of course, we received you support in our website, in our facebook page, in the forum and other social networks. 

If you want to collaborate read carefully the support page. Note that this is not a campaign in the same way you might find in most of the well know crowdfunding platforms as we have split the whole campaign in four phases.

In the end we are very happy but we feel we are only at the beginning of this history.