Dfilebrowser a file browser for Plasma Active One

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Dfilebrowser running on Plasma Active One

Last week I was missing a file browser on Plasma Active One Today I will contribute a bit to fix it but anyway, I still think that its creators will soon incorporate a proper file manager

Everything started when I was testing Plasma Active. Those days I was creating a file manager for Acid Rain. For some reason, I decided to develop it so that it was a separate component, so when I came the need to use it as a file browser in Plasma Active, it was quite on the track.

Actually it's fairly simple and has things to polish (consider it a beta) but I think it is useful enough to begin to use. The idea is to have all the buttons and menu options large enough touse a finger, that simple.

A quick manual:

  • Makw a short touch (tap) to open a folder or a file
  • With a long  tap we get the context menu.
  • We can change the type of view using the last button on the top menu.
  • When using a keyboard, you can use the usual key combinations. Yes, I know we're talking about a tablet but the application has been designed to work in a conventional desktop too:

    Dfilebrowser running on Windows XP

In case you like it, do not forget to set it as you preferred tool for file management (launching systemsettings from a terminal or searching it in the Plasma Active One application launcher). Once done, select "Default Applications" and on the next window on the left, "File Manager". Now you just add dfilebrowser as preferred application.

Dfilebrowser is open source and licensed as GPLv3. Source code can be found here and for those with Plasma Active One running on Meego 1.2 you can download this rpm.


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